10 thoughts on “2019 Lok Sabha Polls Won’t Be A Cakewalk For Narendra Modi

  1. Jasleen Mathur

    Recently Nitin Gadkari claimed that the poll promises of 2014 elections were to grab votes and party was never willing to fulfill these. A cabinet minister saying this is a serious dent to BJP reputation.

  2. Shankar Sinha

    Rafale controversy is heating up and there are statements from France that Reliance was mandated as the offset partner by Indian government. BJP must pray that the deal doesn’t play a negative role in 2019 elections.

  3. Rajender Handa

    By focussing solely on criticism of Congress in all public speeches BJP leaders are only reflecting that their own deliveries have been insufficient in past 4 years.

  4. Dr. R.R. Meena

    The underdog theory proposed will not work in India since Rahul Gandhi was never an underdog. He has political patronage and comes from an affluent background. He lacks sincerity and vision.

  5. Manish Lamba

    There may be some disenchantment with Modi and his cabinet but overall people believe his honest intent and endeavours to reform Indian economy.

  6. Rahul Verma

    Yes the prospects are not like those prevailing before 2014 Lok Sabha elections where Narendra Modi was seen as the only man capable of being next PM. Seats may be less this time for BJP.

  7. Kabir Shergil

    In the last year of rule, BJP is facing all adverse conditions. Stock market has fallen, fuel prices have risen and rupee has touched new lows. BJP must mull early elections so that the wave of anger can be curtailed.

  8. Manishakaran Reddy

    Farmer protests across the country are a signal of their distress and if these sentiments eventually lead voters to shift their preference from BJP to Congress, there is deep trouble for Modi.

  9. Bharat Sarkar

    Atleast one more term must be given to BJP to correct the flaws in the country that are a result of decades of bad governance by Congress and allies. One term cannot be enough to bring reforms.

  10. Vinod Bakshi

    The biggest obstacle in the path now is lack of jobs in market. Youths expected BJP to kickstart economic growth aimed at jobs creation but while the economy grew, not much jobs have been created.


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