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The Case for ‘One Nation One Election’

(The article is published in Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini- Patrika- 2018)

FCRA Amendment – Bipartisanism Or Collusion

(The article is published in The Policy Times on 6th April 2018) FCRA AMENDMENT – BIPARTISANISM OR COLLUSION

PNB-Nirav Modi Isn’t A One-off Case

(The article is published in BusinessWorld on 31st March 2018) PNB-Nirav Modi Isn’t A One-off Case

Onerous Legacy of Congress Era

(The article is published on page no. 8, 9 & 10 in ‘Organiser’ dated 04 March 2018) Onerous Legacy of Congress Era

The Case for Privatising PSBs?

Not every bank employee is into policy decisions, only General Managers, senior managers and members of the Board. Majority of the staff does routine job like taking deposits, dealing with queries on savings and doing other paperwork. Compare it with the staff at McDonald’s, the largest fast food chain. The staff there as well does […]

Who is To Blame For PNB Fraud?

The blame game is on and various parties are trying hard to indict each other for the INR 11000 crore fraud. If there is something totally nonsensical in the aftermath of the unearthing of the scam, it is blaming either of the two major political parties, BJP and Congress for what has happened. While the […]

Budget 2018 – Realistic And Balanced

While presenting his last full budget ahead of the general elections due next year, the Finance Minister would certainly have thought over whether to appease the mass or global credit agencies and investors that have bet big on the reformist stance of the present administration. It appears he has preferred a balanced approach, more importantly […]

The High-Stake Gujarat Elections

At a time when Bitcoin has captured the wider imagination in the international scene, India’s most talked-about affair is the impeding Gujarat state polls. Indeed, Gujarat is India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state, a region where the BJP has been in power since time immemorial (voters of contemporary India tend to pick the defeated […]

Should there be laws to prevent people or media from taking potshots at the Army?

For any nation to thrive and prosper, it has to have a profound sense of nationalism and intense patriotism, supported by a formidable military. To be able to provide a conducive environment for the sprouting of such worthy sentiments, India has to cultivate and nurture strong patriotic fervour among its population. And that, in turn, […]

Is Unfettered Freedom of Expression an Alternative to Patriotism?

Unfettered freedom is a myth. It is an illusion created by vested interests for their own selfish gains. It cannot sustain, as unregulated freedom is a recipe for total disaster. Those who demand it are either totally ignorant or have hidden motives. There is no absolute freedom of expression anywhere in the world. Even animals […]

What L K Advani Means To Indian Polity

What’s good for one group can be bad for another; this is how we can summarize politics in one sentence. The lately held Catalan Independence Referendum or the Brexit event or how we remember the 100 years of Bolshevik Revolution of Russia or the 160 years of undivided India’s first uprising against the colonial rule […]

What about Good Governance in MSMEs

The role and contributions of micro, small and medium enterprises in the Indian economy can never be played down.The supply chain in the production of any commodity is incomplete without these entities and so is the task of job creation where MSMEs deliver more than the much-appreciated stock exchange-listed corporate houses. Every discussion, however, about […]

UN Must Declare Pakistan a Terror-Sponsoring Nation

It is common knowledge that Pakistan practises terrorism as a state policy. It foments violence and nurtures extremists to carry out its illegal activities against its neighbours and others. It’s a playground for extremist elements and exports fully trained terrorists to wreak havoc across the world. It is not an accusation levelled only by its […]

Should Media be Made Accountable to Safeguard National Interests?

Naxals and Maoists are but “Gandhians with guns” (apostles of peace with a gun!). So says writer and columnist Arundhati Roy, who further claims that the Indian state has ever since Independence been fighting native minority groups of people in different parts of the country, who have been trying to assert their own “independence”. If these […]

Is India any Closer to a Permanent Solution to the Kashmir Imbroglio?

There is no simple answer to the above question about a lasting solution to the Kashmir problem, which has been a festering wound on our nation since 1947. First of all, there are four major stakeholders in this issue. They are India, to which the beautiful Himalayan state legitimately belongs to, Pakistan which falsely stakes […]

A blessing for Muslim women

The Supreme Court’s judgment on triple talaq or instant divorce will end the pain inflicted on many Indian women in the garb of faith. The practice has been held unconstitutional by a majority vote of 3:2. The court also ruled that this is not an integral part of Islam. Fortunately, there were plenty of signals […]

Blueprint for a new India

PM Modi’s speech this Independence Day will be long remembered for the vision of a ‘New India’ in the 21st century. In his short and crisp address from the ramparts of Red Fort, the Prime Minister exhorted the 125-crore strong “Team India” to build a just strong and prosperous country. And to make sure that […]

Should India Mull Sanctions on China?

No nation can achieve military hegemony without success on the economic front. Same is the case with China, the world’s largest merchandise exporter, a nation that within a few decades, and on the back of flooding world markets with low-priced goods, has shifted the balance of power so authoritatively that any Chinese belligerence today can […]

BJP and Tamil Nadu

Over the last 2-3 decades, politics in Tamil Nadu has plummeted to its nadir in terms of ideological bereftness of the parties and the distancing of successive governments from the launching of developmental schemes in preference to populist measures and freebies. Furthermore, the political parties ride to electoral victory on the wings of sheer demagoguery. […]

Protect Honour of the Armed Forces

The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 is backed by a rationale that no person has any right to insult the Indian National Flag and National Anthem. It is sad, however, to notice that while these representatives of our sovereign pride are duly protected by central legislation, the armed forces, comprising of the […]

BJP and Karnataka

With the Karnataka Assembly elections hovering around the corner early next year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a Congress-mukt Bharat does not seem to be too far away. In fact, if BJP’s recent historic win in UP is any indication of Congress going into a coma, there are strong reasons to believe that a […]

What Modi has done and need to do

The leftist media and analysts have all negatives; on the contrary, the rightist proponents are all-praise for the three years of Narender Modi-led union government. The environment prevailing today in the largest democracy on earth is of either outright submission or absolute condemnation. No one seems to be willing to judge without bias the outcomes […]

Turning Kerala from Red to Saffron

With a 100% literacy rate to its credit, how could the backwaters of Kerala be any less congenial for the lotus to bloom than places loosely termed to constitute the cow belt? With the saffron upsurge recently witnessed in the Hindi heartland, and the inroads made in the northeastern states, the BJP has its sights […]

Making the case for a Uniform Civil Code

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is one of the most contentious issues staring the Indian polity in the eye. Although Article 44 of the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution speaks of a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens, it has remained a distant dream, with no government thus far addressing the issue with […]

Will Kerala Become a Muslim-majority State in a Few Decades?

This would have been termed a rhetorical question, outlandish, or even blasphemous if it had been asked a decade or two ago. But today, the question no more sounds unrealistic, improbable, or farfetched. The true secularists as well as nationalists, not the pseudo variety, who luckily still make up the majority in this southern Indian […]

Freedom of Expression and Martyrdom

It has been long since Indian universities ceased to be cloisters of higher learning where scholars and the faculty were far too preoccupied solely with their academic engagements to stray into discourses on other areas of social and national significance during peace time. Of late, the situation has taken an intriguing turn with the left-leaning […]

Cultural Diplomacy or Nationalist Sentiment?

The despicable attack on the Indian Army camp in Uri by the Pakistani infiltrators last September and the incident’s precursor at the Air Force base at Pathankot led to a rather piquant situation in the world of art and culture in India. Whether you call it a storm in a teacup or an issue of great […]

Recommendations to Curb Menace of Terrorism in India

Though there are many kinds of terrorist activities across the globe and their root causes are as varied, without beating around the bush it can be said that the kind of terrorism that most affects India is Jihadi terrorism backed by radical Islamic thought. This is the terrorism sponsored by a series of radical Islamist […]

Cement And Steel Need a Hand to Create Jobs

Reams of newsprint and thousands of web pages have recently devoted themselves to scrutinizing the importance, execution and the long-term impact of the latest large-scale intervention introduced by the NDA government through the sudden demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. However, amidst all the hype and hoopla that demonetization has brought with […]

How Government Should Tackle Its Opponents?

Despite its good intentions and many bold and positive decisions, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by Narendra Modi has been in the eye of a storm during the past several months. To a casual observer, it is clear that the government has not got its due credit even though it has initiated a […]

Should India Change its Financial Year to Align with the Calendar Year?

India’s current financial year (April-March) is a British legacy. It was introduced in 1867, following the adaptation of the Gregorian system of accounting. The primary reason for the identification of this period by the British was the crop pattern, with the revenues flowing from taxes levied mostly on agricultural products. Furthermore, December was not considered […]

Is there a Chinese Hand behind the Worsening Indo-Pak Relations?

The recent paradigm shift in the Indo-Pak relations may, on the face of it, seem just another phase in the rivalry between two countries born from the partition of a greater whole. However, the latest round of bitterness, terrorist attacks, surgical strikes, Kashmir valley unrest and the mutual attempts to expose spies do not seem […]

How Can India Emerge as a Corruption-Free Country?

Corruption in India is a multi-headed monster, which has been shored up as much by greed and dishonesty as it is by illiteracy and lack of awareness. Making India a corruption-free country is no overnight project, because it has to be a war fought on many fronts and battlegrounds. However, it is undoubtedly a war […]

What after Demonetization?

This is the ‘question of the year’, something that has left politicians assuming the role of economists, economists assuming the role of panelists. What after 85 percent of currency in circulation being stripped of its legal tender status, what after liquidity being sucked from market, what after record fall in commerce, and the most crucial […]

Should the Post of State Governors be Abolished?

The recent State Assembly dramas in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh as well as the open hostilities between the Arvind Kejriwal government and the Delhi governor have swung public focus on the role of governors of states in India, their need, and efficacy in a free country, as well as on the powers and immunities they […]

Is Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan imitating Narendra Modi?

To a dyed-in-the-wool Communist, any suggestion that Kerala’s Marxist Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is emulating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be nothing short of blasphemy. For them, who draw their political sustenance tonic from their vehement anti-BJP stance, drawing such parallels between the two is political hara-kiri. However, instances of Pinarayi imitating Modi are […]

Currency Denotification- What Will Happen To Economy?

There are lot many ‘may’ doing rounds in media, rarely is anyone certain about how the Indian economy will respond to government’s move of stripping INR 500 and 1000 notes of their legal tender status. This is why we do not have ‘will’ in any opinions and forecasts. Consumption ‘may’ be hit, GDP growth ‘may’ […]

Steps that can revive the Indian Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector in our country is passing through troubled times, beleaguered by a slump in the sales and, consequently, the slowing down of the construction activities. The currency recall move by the government is also being predicted as a precursor to stagnant growth in this very crucial sector that is the second largest […]

Why some people hate Modi so much

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even after the so-called honeymoon period, continues to be very popular in India as well as abroad. According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center and published by Forbes in September this year, Modi’s popularity, even more than two years after he was swept to power in 2014, is […]


On November 8, 2016, Indian Prime Minister made a sudden (and so-called ‘shocking’ by Indian Press) announcement about stripping the INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes of their legal tender status. Within minutes, every stakeholder, from common man to politicians, was on the move, some inundating bank ATMs, others criticizing the move in their […]