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The Arrest Of Shivakumar Further Exposes Congress’ Corruption

The constitution of India is the mother of all laws. It is a comprehensive document that underscores the importance of rule of law and equality before law. While on one hand it states that every citizen of India is equal before the law, irrespective of the office s/he occupies or has occupied in the past, […]

अकेले भारत ही नहीं, पूरी दुनिया की अर्थव्यवस्था में मंदी

(The article “अकेले भारत ही नहीं, पूरी दुनिया की अर्थव्यवस्था में मंदी” published in magazine Uday India in September 28, 2019 Hindi edition)

Not India Alone, It’s The Global Economy That is Slowing Down

(The article “Not India Alone, It’s The Global Economy That is Slowing Down” published in magazine Uday India in September 28, 2019 English edition)

क्या दोषियों के लिए फैसले का दिन उम्मीद से पहले आ गया?

(The article “क्या दोषियों के लिए फैसले का दिन उम्मीद से पहले आ गया?” published in magazine Uday India in September 14, 2019 Hindi edition)

Has Judgement Day Arrived Earlier-Than-Expected For Sinners?

(The article “Has Judgement Day Arrived Earlier-Than-Expected For Sinners?” published in magazine Uday India in September 14, 2019 English edition)

The Kashmir conundrum

Opposition parties have been taking pot shots at the Narendra Modi government over the Jammu & Kashmir issue. The Congress and the DMK have not stopped complaining about the re-organisation of the erstwhile State which had been encumbered by its special status.They are insistent, contrary to the ground reality, that all people in J&K are […]

With Triple Talaq Abolished, UCC Should be Next Step

With the passing of the Triple Talaq Bill, the disgusting practice of instant divorce by uttering the word talaq thrice has effectively been consigned by the Modi 2.0 government to the dustbin of history. The outlawing of talaqe-biddat marks not just an ideological victory for the BJP but a landmark breakthrough in furtherance of women’s empowerment […]

What Sitharaman’s Union Budget Brings For India

(The article “What Sitharaman’s Union Budget Bring for India” published in magazine Uday India in July 20, 2019 English edition)

भारत के लिए क्या लेकर आया सीतारमण का बजट

(The article “भारत के लिए क्या लेकर आया सीतारमण का बजट” published in magazine Uday India in July 20, 2019 Hindi edition)

BJP alone can genuinely integrate J&K with India

Kashmiri politicians like Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti want a separate Prime Minister for Jammu & Kashmir. This, they say, is in accordance with the terms of accession of the State and therefore a Constitutional demand. In the same breath, Mufti says, “We are Muslims”. So what they are actually asking for is a Muslim […]

Baseless Allegations Shouldn’t Go Unpunished

During the last five-year rule of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the churning that happened in Indian politics enabled the Opposition to throw up a spot-the-thief-where-there-is-no-theft strategy. It was based on falsehood and aimed at spiking a great trail that marked the NDA reign. The landmark strategy set the ground for the evolution of the spit-and-scoot […]

A Stable Government and Coalition Politics

Regional parties which stand absolutely no chance of forming a government at the Centre or in a State on their own strength, are much too happy to join sides with big parties in the fight so as to be able to share a piece of power after a collective victory. Coalition politics is all about […]

Misuse of the Freedom of Expression

To call Freedom of Expression the true hallmark of democracy is a case of belabouring the obvious. The value of the freedom could only be truly appreciated in its total absence like during the British Raj or during the short shrift given to democracy by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the Emergency. Blanket bans […]

A Case for the Proscription of Communism

Communism does not speak of prosperity or plenty. It is obsessed with inequality, class struggle, the burial of capitalism and the bourgeoisie, power to the peasants and the proletariat and the withering away of the State. Not a very cheerful ideology for the people of a land subjected to a thousand-year slavery by successive invaders […]

Revocation of Articles 35A and 370 Will Bring Peace, Progress and Prosperity to Kashmir and Rest of India

No longer will February 14 mean the same to Indians as in the past. The day will go down the annals of the nation’s history as a cornerstone in its war against terrorism. While India has been busy preparing to conduct the massive democratic exercise of holding elections to the Parliament, Pakistan organised a ghastly […]

India should take Israel’s help to tackle terrorism

Pakistan was born out of spite and intolerance towards India. Its founding fathers had staked their claim for a separate country for Muslims on the plea that they could not live safely in a Hindu-dominated society. Pakistan’s formation has not done its people any good even though the state is monotheistic. Pakistanis wrongly nurture a […]

Need and Importance of Ethical Leadership in Indian Politics

It is a matter of abiding concern that ethical behaviour in Indian politics seems to have become increasingly in short supply over a period of time. Politicians are far too preoccupied with the battle of the ballot that needs to be fought every now and then in some corner or the other in a nation […]

India Should Pass a National Law Against Proselytisation

A bane, a curse, a demeaning exercise, a social evil – that is what proselytisation is all about. It is a reprehensible tool acquired by a section of mankind, and it has spilt much more blood in the name of religion than in the name of war. Being subscribers to the credo of “My God is […]

Ardh Kumbh success will provide poll boost to BJP

Even as 2019 was ushered in with customary joy by people all over the world, the stage was set in India for two important events. Even though both have tremendous appeal for the people of our country, these mega-events could not have been from two more diverse – spiritual and political. Both call for meticulous […]

Farm loan waivers should not be promised before polls

No sensible lady would fall for a wild promise to pluck the moon and stars for her by a besotted lover. All the same, she would hardly mind being serenaded, pampered silly and being infused with a sense of vainglory. Similar is the case of a discerning voter. He may like being wooed and pursued […]

India needs some critical reforms

After Independence, the Indian economy never had it as good as at present. Coming close on the heels of a 10-year hiatus of policy paralysis, the change of guard at Delhi in 2014 heralded an era of revamping and reorientation of a stolid economy. Notwithstanding the shedding by the nation of its obsession with the […]

Contempt Of Courts Act Is A British Legacy And Should Be Abolished

(The article Contempt Of Courts Act Is A British Legacy And Should Be Abolished  published in “Business World”)

It’s time to defuse the population time bomb

Sitting on a population time bomb is bad enough for any country. To ignore it or pretend that the issue does not exist would be like pulling the wool over one’s own eyes. A teeming population bursting at the seams requires no bigger a boost than total apathy on the part of the government to […]

Should India Switchover From Parliamentary System to Presidential Form of Governance?

The current political system in India is a hand-me-down bequeathed by the outgoing British masters at the time of independence. Although it was not the only choice available to the Constituent Assembly that drafted the Constitution, we had consciously chosen the Westminster form of parliamentary system just as we had accepted the British legacy of […]

Dichotomy in Indian Politics: NDA for Service and UPA for Self-Service

The NDA stands for clean governance and inclusive development as well as for the service of the nation in absolute contrast to the UPA government known for the dynastic rule, policy paralysis and scarcely anything beyond self-service It may sound politically incorrect to state that two political stalwarts of that time were instrumental for breaking […]

Stranglehold of Obscurantism and Regression on Muslim Society

Some people keep lamenting that as a community the Indian Muslims have not yet taken the centre-stage in national politics. This is not because of any evil design or malaise on the part of an external factor! Although there is no stopping the members of the community from asserting themselves as rightful stakeholders in the overall […]

Communist model of governance won’t succeed in 21st century India

No matter how many times and for how long you flog it, and how big a crowd gathers to watch the spectacle and bet on its revival, a dead horse remains dead. Its carcass won’t spring back to life and become a racehorse, let alone win a trophy. All it is capable of doing is […]

Need to Nip Cloak-and-Dagger Activities in the Bud

Whether it is a bullet on the chest or a dagger in the back, the result is the same – death. However, a bullet on the chest is proudly accepted by a soldier on the battlefront as a badge of honour, whereas a dagger in the back comes with a stigma of betrayal and treachery […]

Canard, Lies and Calumny Seems to be the Congress Strategy to Win 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Having been unable to absolve itself of innumerable charges of corruption, scams and scandals levelled against it during its ten-year reign, the Indian National Congress (INC), which was unceremoniously dumped by the electorate five years ago, is gasping for breath and hoping for a fresh lease of life. If the party succeeds in its devious […]

Doing Business Report 2019- Reading Between the Lines

(The article “Doing Business Report 2019- Reading Between the Lines” published in weekly magazine Uday India in December 8, 2018 edition)

The Bugbear of a United Opposition

In stark contrast to the BJP’s balance of fortunes, the Opposition parties are yet to see eye to eye with each other, sink their differences and come together to put up a united front Of late, it has been noticed that when polls are around the corner in our country, and the anxiety bug bites […]

Interrogating the viability of Secularism in the Nation-building Exercise

Instead of allowing the continued use of Secularism as a convenient carpet to brush the reprehensible minority-appeasement policy of the corrupt politicians under, how the principle should be trimmed and tweaked to make it a viable input in nation-building is the question that currently begs an answer A nation is always in the making, and […]

How to make farming an attractive career proposition for the Indian youth?

More and more youth could be motivated to become successful farming entrepreneurs and adopt a cluster of farms and run them for the farm owners through farm workers on the lines of a corporate enterprise Indian economy has been in a great shape. It has indeed come of age on the strength of a phenomenal […]

A Bishop’s Bloomer or a Harrowing Tale of Silent Sufferers

The Roman Catholic Church in Kerala, which was already mired in a slew of charges of rape and sexual abuse involving its priests, received a further jolt a few months back when a nun fired a fresh salvo of yet another rape charge against a senior clergyman. The nun went public with the startling accusation […]

Is Imran Khan a Ray of Hope or a Pakistan Army Pawn?

As soon as Imran Khan was sworn-in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18, people in the Indian subcontinent started pondering over the following questions. Will the new government under Khan be able to improve the economic and social conditions of Pakistanis? Will he be able to convert a highly corrupt nation […]

Has the RBI failed in Lining-up the Banking Reforms? A few questions for the Central Bank from a top banker

RBI failed in doing this by giving a body blow to commercial banks and instructing them to identify bad loans with immediate effect and not in a phased manner Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) top brass comprises of persons with the outstanding calibre, and they should know even more than ordinary citizens that their public […]

A Case for CAATSA Waiver

The balance of power is in a vague state today. The bipolar world with two competing forces, one United States and the other USSR, isn’t as prominent a theme in the 21st century as it was during the long period following the end of 2nd world war till the 1990s. Debates and articles in leading […]

2019 Lok Sabha Polls Won’t Be A Cakewalk For Narendra Modi

(The article 2019 Lok Sabha Polls Won’t Be A Cakewalk For Narendra Modi published in “BusinessWorld” dated 08th October 2018)

Dynamics of Consolidation

(The article How will Consolidating PSBs be Helpful? is published on page no. 30 & 31 in ‘Organiser’ dated 7th October 2018)

Is Faith Juridical?

(The article Is Faith Juridical? is published on page no. 18 & 19 in ‘Organiser’ dated 23rd September 2018)