10 thoughts on “Is Faith Juridical?

  1. Harish Phulara

    Indian courts must realise that religion came first and then came judiciary. No decision by judiciary can challenge and undermine ages-old customs of Hindus.

  2. Gita Lakshmi Ganesh

    There is a clear bias in Indian judiciary over minority affairs and Hindu religious affairs. They preserve minority customs but when it comes to Hinduism they talk of inequality, gender justice and human rights.

  3. Ketaki Chakradeo

    Judges are highly experienced intellectuals both because of their age and time spent in their jobs. Such senior persons of the society take a decision that benefits all devotees.

  4. Anil Gulecha

    In case of Sabrimala the Supreme Court rejected the argument of customs citing equality but in case of Ayodhya Ram Mandir the court is not ruling in favour of the righteous. This is double standards.

  5. kush rao

    Reforms in religious practices should be based on consensus of all people belonging to that faith. Courts should respect sentiments of majority of people and not rely on western school of thought.

  6. Pankaj Verma

    Those challenging temple rituals have only political purposes and they have no intentions to correct any anamolies in Hindu faith. Such perpetrators are not even Hindus.

  7. bhupendra diwedi

    In the 21st century, India cannot be allowed to have rules that are regressive. Courts are only doing their job of providing justice even the last person in the queue.

  8. Naman Pathak

    All western propaganda that shows India and Hinduism in bad light. The rapist pastor accused by Kerala nun hasn’t been arrested till date. Why don’t courts interfere and provide the woman justice?

  9. Gagan Goraya

    Faith is a matter of collective consciousness. If we change our customs to align them with modern thoughts then one day we will lose everything including faith in our deities.

  10. Kratik Patidar

    Roman catholic church is so conservative and the judiciary there does not meddle in church affairs. But in India, under the influence of Left, Hindu religion is being attacked by foreign as well as domestic elements.


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