Mamta’s Outburst- Cover for TMC’s Corruption and Sedition?

In case simplicity was the key to political and administrative dexterity, the 49-days CM of Delhi with a muffler and slippers would not have failed, and the Presidents of the U.S. with business suits would not have succeeded. She may be wearing a cotton sari, with plastic slippers on, urging to be one from the common public, but the ‘Didi’ of West Bengal seems to have disremembered all the lessons she studied during her graduation and post-graduation days, or these have been superseded by ‘secular’ political milieu of India. But there is one lesson she remembers aptly, the lesson on team spirit. Ministers, and leaders of her party, though under the scanner of CBI with substantial evidences, are backed by Didi, thoughtlessly. The so-called CM of the poor has overlooked that the victims of the Saradha scandal are those lower income men and women who believed that Ms. Banerjee is the most workable alternative to 34-year old CPI (Marxist)-led Left Front government. It took more than three decades for the general public of WB realize that the so-called communist party was eating up the resources of the state, but I cannot consider the same equation in present development-seeking and learned India. Having elected the TMC-led government in 2011, the people of WB would not, or shall I say, should not wait for anytime longer than 2016 to rule down such anarchism.

Ok, the Didi-government has some corrective measures. They have compensated some of the victims of the Saradha scam, and apprehending the feat of appeasement politics in India have apparently allowed fanatics use the Madrasas of Bengal as a home ground for pursuing radicalism. Didi, in the race to political coup, is your government realizing that the state has turned into India’s terror haven with free and boosting channels for militants and fake Indian currency? The Varanasi blast of 2006, with 21 fatalities, had links with Bengal; ammonium nitrate for the IED been procured from the Burrabazar of Kolkata. Yasin Bhatkal was concisely detained by the Kolkata STF in 2009. It is a known fact among extremist groups that West Bengal arranges for limitless perks ranging from secure hide-outs to easy connectivity all through India via the metropolitan city’s rail network. In case the state government is worried more about the party’s future rather than the security of the nation, Didi’s assurances to the people of WB are fake, not real. The intelligence has revealed that the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh is operating in the WB with more than 50 units. For the Mamta-led government, hawala, transnational terrorism and money laundering should be the areas of concern, and not CBI’s probe in the Saradha scandal that prima-facie depicts massive association of TMC leaders.

Are votes the only essential for any political group? And the present state of affairs is more or less calling the Prime Minister communal, defaming him in the name of riots of 2002, and claiming that the minority community is more secured under your ruling. This is what even the former ally of the NDA, the TMC has opted for considering the same as an easy and fruitful route for attaining political and social feat. Ms. Banerjee did not consider her words twice when she termed the Indian PM ‘Danga Guru’ and also when she dared the CBI to arrest her. The head of TMC readily endorsed Maoists in the state legislative polls, though later she launched Operation Green Hunt against them. Having won the mandate for five years, TMC leaders have turned the state into a place where law and order can uncomplicatedly be suppressed by political clout. Should we then not construe that a group of leaders who parted from the Congress in 1997 and founded an ostensibly sincere TMC carry the same line of faith which knows the policy ‘divide and rule’, and for whom national harmony and political consensus means nothing more than waste of labors and time. Hindrances in the way of the CBI which is working to resolve the Burdwan blast case and the Saradha scandal, just for backing corrupt leaders of the party, can reap no good outcomes for Didi and the quiet arrival of the BJP in the state is an evidence that voters are craving for development, not radicalism and scams.

The state of West Bengal and the political party leading this state would have been in a much prosperous milieu in case Ms. Banerjee opened doors to unbiased administration. MP Kunal Ghosh, who has been charged under the Saradha scam, has revealed that the CM of the state procured concentrated paybacks, but the appeal of a face-to-face talk with other leaders of TMC is not being heard even by the CBI. The only difference I feel when we talk about AAP in Delhi and TMC in West Bengal is that TMC will rule for some longer duration; rest are mala fide intents and politics backed by appeasement behind the untrue face of simplicity and decency. And for the TMC, realize that you may end up in even worse state than the present running of the U.P. or Bihar. It is very simple- The global leaders have no paybacks with respect to appeasing the minority; hence they are endorsing the endeavors of Indian PM, which however lacks in the domestic politics of the nation. Having said this repeatedly, the PM seeks for cooperation from all states so as to take the country to substantial and sustainable echelons of success. No umbrellas, as you did in the Lok Sabha, can conceal your ill deeds, please realize this. Politics is not just gaining the support of the public by condemning another political group.

I thought mentioning the most critical grey area, unlawful movement of Bangladeshis in India via the 2216 km border stretch that Bangladesh shares with West Bengal, in the very last. Let me tell you that as many as 1635 Bangladeshi immigrants have so far been detained by the BSF along the leaky border in WB in the year 2014. The state government rather buoys up this movement for want of illicit support during polls. Now that everyone knows how and why is the Didi-government allowing such sedition, either the central government or the judiciary shall intervene. Burdwan blast was just the tip of the iceberg, beneath is the volcano of terror. Ms. Banerjee, your acts of defaming the PM in public, blocking the working of the Parliament, challenging the authenticity of the probe of CBI and stalling the pace of PM’s labors that urge for backing from states are nothing more than outbreak of your sheer hopelessness backed by probable conviction of TMC leaders in Saradha and Burdwan cases, your desperation for public support, and unethical governance of the state of West Bengal.